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Roaring Fork Valley Resources

These featured Roaring Fork Valley resources include addiction recovery programs, mental health and trauma support, youth groups, and more. These are trusted resources to help you, your family, and your loved ones.

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High Rockies Harm Reduction helps rural Colorado by offering proven programs and support to tackle substance use issues. We work to prevent overdose deaths, stop infectious diseases from spreading, and ease the financial strain caused by substance use

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Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale, CO, offers specialized rehab for men with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our program includes education, therapy, outdoor activities, and 12-step support to foster personal growth and sobriety.

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Mind Springs Health is the primary provider of behavioral health services on the Western Slope, spanning across ten counties and encompassing a vast 23,000-square mile area.

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Aperture of Hope provides healing and empowerment through photography exploration, grief education, and advocacy. We show up for you when you need it most.

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A Way Out provides access to treatment and recovery support for individuals and families in crisis due to alcohol and drug addiction in Western Colorado. We support, empower, and educate vulnerable individuals for a healthy, happy, and addiction-free life.

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Garfield County Public Health Department works to promote community health and prevent disease. Our vision is to ensure residents have access to resources for optimal well-being.

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Momenta Recovery is a women only residential treatment center who believes every women is capable and deserving of recovery.

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Redpoint Trusted Colorado Mental Health and Addiction Intensive Outpatient Program serves Longmont, Boulder, Larimer County, and Glenwood Springs. As a family-owned, licensed, and accredited program, we offer comprehensive outpatient treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.

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Valley View has evolved into a leading independent healthcare provider for Colorado's mountain and western slope communities, offering a 78-bed regional medical center with world-class care close to home. Emphasizing personal connections through our PeopleCare philosophy, we prioritize a patient-centered approach that embodies our mission to care for each patient and their family one at a time.

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For over 40 years, YouthZone has been dedicated to fostering healthy relationships among youth, families, and communities. Through comprehensive assessment and advocacy, we strive to inspire positive connections and empower individuals to thrive.

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Aspen Hope Center offers mental health services such as suicide prevention, crisis intervention, a 24/7 Hope line, and more. We bring support to those in emotional crisis, providing expert clinical care, education, and community outreach to reduce the stigma of mental illness.


AspenRidge Recovery provides a range of care levels for drug and alcohol treatment programs across Colorado’s Front Range. We offer flexible scheduling with morning, daytime, and evening options to accommodate the needs of adults seeking treatment.

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PACT, or Pitkin Area Co-Responder Teams, is a collaborative initiative uniting law enforcement and mental health professionals. Together, they respond to community calls involving substance abuse or mental health concerns, providing support to at-risk individuals and populations

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Aspen Youth Center wants you to connect with your community, learn life lessons, and grow into the best version of yourself.


Speak Up Reach Out works to reduce instances of suicide in Eagle County by providing support and resources to those affected by it. Through educational programs, events, peer groups, and partnerships, we foster community engagement and empower individuals to discuss and address their pain openly.

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