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Eagle County Resources

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The following Eagle County resources include behavioral health therapy, support groups, educational materials, and more.

Reconnected Foundation Logo

Reconnected connects participants to various local recovery resources available within the community while holding them accountable and providing the recovery team and social opportunities needed to increase a person's chances of achieving and maintaining recovery.

Speak Up Reach Out works to reduce instances of suicide in Eagle County by providing support and resources to those affected by it. Through educational programs, events, peer groups, and partnerships, we foster community engagement and empower individuals to discuss and address their pain openly.

Speak Up Reach Out Logo
Swift Eagle Logo

Swift Eagle provides quick financial aid to Eagle County residents facing crises or hardships, assisting with living and personal expenses during challenging times.

Vail Health Logo

Vail Health aims to lead community collaboration in transforming the Eagle Valley's behavioral health system. Our vision is to see a day when we prioritize behavioral health as much as physical health in our community.

Your Hope Center Logo

Your Hope Center collaborates with community partners to provide immediate clinical support, fostering stability, resiliency, and hope for individuals in need. We are an inclusive agency that values and respects all clients, families, community partners, and employees, recognizing the infinite worth of every individual we serve.

Youth Power 365 Logo

YouthPower365 is a nonprofit serving Eagle County's youth and families. We offer programs from early childhood to college and career readiness, aiming to inspire, educate, and empower young people. With dedicated staff and volunteers, we're committed to helping youth reach their full potential.


Mountain Safe in Eagle County is dedicated to reducing crime, violence, and recidivism while advocating for victims and connecting them with essential resources. Their mission focuses on making the community safer and ensuring that victims' are supported. Mountain Safe plays a vital role in fostering a safer and more supportive environment for all residents in Eagle County.

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