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Lake County Resources

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The following Lake County resources provide mentoring, peer support, donation opportunities, harm reduction supplies, and youth and parent educational activities. These are trusted resources to help you, your family, and your loved ones.

High Rockies Harm Reduction Logo

High Rockies Harm Reduction aims to combat substance-related issues in rural Colorado by expanding evidence-based harm reduction programs and providing peer support services. Our focus is on reducing overdose deaths, preventing infectious diseases, and addressing the negative impacts of substance use through tailored programming and support for affected individuals and their loved ones.

Communities That Care Plus Logo

Communities That Care turns prevention science into action for children, focusing on promoting healthy development through programs like CTC PLUS and Guiding Good Choices. Our mission is to ensure high-quality implementation of preventive interventions for the well-being of young people.

Full Circle of Lake County

Full Circle of Lake County envisions an inclusive community where youth and families thrive. Through youth development, family supports, immigrant services, and resource connection, we empower our community to achieve this vision.

Lake County Public Health Logo

Lake County Public Health promotes health, prevents disease, and protects the community through education and resource sharing. Our Environmental Health division minimizes exposure to hazards, while Human Services enhances well-being and self-sufficiency for community members.

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